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Services specifications

At the first examination, we will establish a health card for you, set a treatment plan tailored to your individual requirements. It is important for us to evaluate X-rays, on which we can detect interdental caries, or findings on endodontically treated teeth, examination of jaw tissue, sledge and TMK.

We try to prevent diseases of the mucous membranes and hard dental tissues of the oral cavity through regular preventive examinations. We try to detect incipient dental caries in order to avoid more complicated and costly procedures in the oral cavity.

We repair dental caries by means of aesthetic nanofotocomposite (white) fillings, which faithfully replace hard dental tissues (HDT), and by anatomical modeling we preserve the original function and aesthetics of HDT.

During the treatment, we place emphasis on high aesthetics thanks to the most modern materials.

We motivate parents to take care of their own teeth. A mother’s healthy diet during pregnancy affects the prenatal development of tooth germs. We instruct parents on how to take care of their child’s first teeth, we teach about eating habits. Taking care of your baby’s teeth is important in shaping his future hygiene habits and maintaining his oral health. In case of already occurring dental caries, we strive for an empathetic approach to the treatment of the child with regard to his age.

In diseases of the pulp (nerve vascular bundle) of the tooth, we provide treatment of the root canals by means of machine endodontics with accurate measurement of the length of the root canals with the help of an apex locator with subsequent hermetic closure of the root canals. After filling, we perform a control intraoral X-ray.

Dental Implantology  replaces tooth roots with titanium, screwlike posts. It replaces damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function much like real ones.

The major benefit of Implantology is solid support for your new teeth.

Missing teeth or endodontically treated teeth with a large loss of hard dental tissues are reconstructed using ceramic crowns / inlays / onlays.

We also offer treatment with high-esthetic ceramic veneers.

We provide a wide range of procedures from dentoalveolar surgery.

Dental calculus is one of the main etiological factors in the development of periodontitis. Periodontitis is an infectious inflammatory disease that causes loss of the tooth’s attachment system, which includes the gingiva, periodontal ligaments, alveolar bone, and cement on the root surface. With the help of regular professional dental hygiene with the removal of dental calculus by ultrasound, we can slow down the progression of periodontitis and the retreat of alveolar bone.

We also offer Airflow therapy that removes persistent stains on your teeth, plaque and discolouration using a combination of water, compressed air and fine powder particles. These three components are combined in a high-powered jet which gently removes stains from your teeth including hard to reach areas as well as biofilm from above and below the gum line. Dental plaque is a biofilm of harmful bacteria that grows on surfaces within the mouth. 

After making impressions, Dental laboratory will prepare individual carriers for home whitening, followed by outpatient whitening. We work with the PureWhitening whitening system, which is the world’s only whitening with a guarantee of results and durability.

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