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MDDr. Pírková, a family dentist who will take care of the smile of your whole family

Welcome to our practice

Our Dental Office provides high-quality dental services. From dental examinations to specialist areas including endodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics and dental surgery.

We only use the latest technology, materials and techniques. Our technologies include an intraoral camera, intraoral dental x-ray.

Our team strives to provide a pleasant and painless dental care experience to you.

A friendly clinic close to you

We care for generations of families, from the smallest to the oldest. We know that only a human approach is the foundation on which everything else stands

For grown ups as well as the little ones

We motivate parents to take consistent care of their children from the first tooth, instructions on eating habits, which we can use to prevent tooth decay.

Dentist clinic equipments

New Patient

Each patient requires a special approach. At the first visit, we will thoroughly examine you and establish a treatment plan.

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Devotion to dental perfection

Creating a nicer and whiter smile

Through consistent prophylaxis and prevention, we try to prevent the development of dental caries, in the case of already established diseases of the teeth and periodontium, we provide treatment at the highest level using the most modern materials and technologies.

MDDr. Branislava Pírková


Complete Care

We bring your smile to life
Skilled dentist

We emphasize high-aesthetic and painless treatment.

Advanced procedures

Here you will find a wide range of services of modern dentistry.

Guaranteed results

In the concept of a family dentist.

Modern equipment

Take advantage of the most modern technologies and materials with us.

Dental solutions for today's modern world

We will cover all your dental needs
Comprehensive examination

From the establishment of the card to the establishment of the treatment plan.


We prevent the development of diseases of the mucous membranes and your teeth in time.

Conservation dentistry

We treat tooth decay with an aesthetic white filling.

Aesthetic dentistry

The highest aesthetics thanks to the most modern materials.

Pediatric dentistry

We rely on an empathic approach with regard to the age of your children.

Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistryWe reconstruct missing teeth to aesthetic perfection.

Teeth whitening

Outpatient and professional home whitening for your beautiful smile.

Dental hygiene

Removal of pigments by gentle sandblasting and polishing of the enamel surface.

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